Public Skating

Fife Ice Arena is located to the East in the town of Kirkcaldy. Fife Ice Arena opened in 1938 and has been serving the local and wider community ever since.



Friday 18th August 5pm to 8pm - £2.00 entry (including skate hire)


Public Skating Sessions:

Snow Babies Sessions:

Monday: 10am to 12noon & 1pm to 3pm

Tuesday: 10am to 12noon, 1pm to 3pm & 7pm to 9pm*

Wednesday: 10am to 12noon & 1pm to 3pm

Thursday: 10am to 12noon & 1pm to 3pm

Friday: 2pm to 4pm & 7pm to 9pm#

 10am to 12noon & 2pm to 4pm*

Sunday: 9:30am to 11am & 2pm to 4pm*

Monday: N/A

Tuesday: N/A

Wednesday: 1pm to 2pm

Thursday: N/A

Friday: N/A

Saturday: N/A

Sunday: N/A

Learn to Skate Sessions:


Saturday: 10am to 12noon

Sunday: 9:30 to 11am


Daytime Public Skating 

 £5.00 (including skate hire)

Evening & Weekend Public Skating

£5.00 (+ £2.00 skate hire)

Snowbabies Session

£3.00 (includes skate hire)

Public Skating Lesson

£7.00 (includes skate hire)

Penguin Hire


 *denotes skating session with music.

#denotes skating session with music and dimmed lighting.


PLEASE NOTE: Skating lessons are 30 minute group lessons with licensed N.I.S.A coaches.

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